Press Release N.2020-03-01 – #Coronavirus

#Coronavirus ORUM continues to work for you

Dear Friends worldwide,

The #Coronavirus situation we are living since 2 weeks in Italy is causing big problems. All Italy is in quarantine in order to limit and decrease the number of infected people and avoid the hospitals collapse.

Orum is working hard to avoid the virus’s contagion and to ensure the good health of us and all Italians.

In compliance with the measures adopted by our Government, we have reduced travel, closed the warehouse and part of the production and implement the Smart Working, in order to guarantee continuity to our services, products and assistance.
The departments still operative in Orum are: customer service, technical support, marketing and administration. Sales and assistance depts. will re-open according to news from the Government.

We really hope to see an end to this situation worldwide sooner. What is clear is that we will be part of our History’s books for the next generation.

Keep safe and take care.

Roberto, Sandro, Alessia and Alessandro Ligugnana.


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