Press Release N.2019-08-01

Press Release “Daily Shift” vs stainless steel aspirating head – August 2019

The graphic below is very useful for promoting the “Daily Shift” aspirating head for TRIO.BAS in the pharmaceutical companies. In fact it shows the save of money that is obtained just after few months!

Several other important features for the use of “Daily Shift” are:

  • it avoids the daily sterilization of the stainless steel aspirating head
  • it certifies the sterilization document requested by the regulatory authorities
  • better use of operator time
  • immediate availability of sterile aspirating head
  • replacement of s/s aspirating head in case of autoclave servicing problems
  • replacement of s/s aspirating head in case of overload production activity
  • transparency to have a complete vision of the presence of culture plate inside the aspiration chamber of the air sampler
  • availability of samples for validation.

“Daily Shift” heads are a good occasion to increase your turnover with your customers. If you are able to convince your customers, the competitors will be out!

In our experience we found that Your potential customers could be the Cleanroom Manager, the Cleanroom operator, the Microbiological Laboratory Manager, the Microbiological Laboratory operator, the Purchase Department Manager, the owner or the President of the company, the professional consultant.

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